One place I really like in Grand Cayman is the east end.  Its a huge change of pace from the hustle and bustle of George Town ; its almost like being on a different island altogether! I personally enjoy driving the “east end loop” which consists of driving past the east end village, then towards Morritts, then to the Queens Highway and then back across the island via Frank Sound road. For those visiting Grand Cayman, its a lovely drive with some nice beaches and lots of photo opportunities.

This place really captures the essence of the  east end village.  As far as I now, its one of the only stores (except for the gas station) in the area.

The residents of the village got hit hard in Ivan in 2005. In 2009, they completed a sea wall to protect the road and homes that are close to the coast.  Now they have a 12ft (my estimate) wall that protects them from the surge.

When driving by, keep an eye out for the local Loch Ness monster. I honestly have no idea what this it, but sure looks like some sort of beast popping out of the water. My best guess is an old ship anchor. Anyone reading this blog know??

Just before getting to the village, there is a reminder of Ivan. This derelict house has (obviously …) never been  repaired since the hurricane.  This is the font of the house and the ocean is at the back.  Notice how the roof was “flipped” over.

At the back of the house, you can see that even the concrete slab was busted up by the force of the storm. Whats especially impressive is that we are probably 15-20ft above sea level here.

That being said, they are unfortunately forecasting a very active hurricane season. However, last year they had also predicted that and we had nothing.  So lets hope they are wrong once again.