Some of you have asked me about where I work.  I took a few pictures today to give you an idea of my work environment.  Our office is in the heart of Georgetown, about a 10 minute (if walking slowly) walk from the ocean & Georgetown harbour.

 This week-end we will probably go to the newly revamped Turtle Farm.  I will most certainly post pictures in the next few days.  Last time we visited it, in 2005, it was in pretty bad shape after the hurricane.  Now that have completely renovated it and created new attractions and even have a tank with (I am told) a shark.  Should be interesting.

 This is the building where we are located.  KPMG has 2.5 floors out of 4.  Very soon to occupy 3.5 floors out of 4.



My desk!  I’m a busy guy. 🙂



Here is a random sunset picture we took last week-end on Seven mile beach.