Last week I had the opportunity to use a jetski (waverunner)  I had never tried one and was definitely curious about them.
Well, let me tell you, its a whole lot of fun!  Along with three work colleagues, we did a “snorkel jetski safari”. Its basically riding around on a jetski and stopping at various places to snorkel.

The activity started out at the Westin hotel (pretty much right in the middle of Seven Mile Beach). Initially we went all the way to West Bay and stopped for about 25 minutes of snorkeling.  Then we rode all the way to George Town, and stopped at the “Cheeseburger Reef” near town for some more snorkeling.  Then rode back to the Westin.  All-in-all, about 1h30 minutes of fun.

Here I am on my ride ; a quality Bombardier product made in Valcourt, Quebec!


The jetski’s all tied up while we snorkel a few hundred meters from shore.


Snorkeling at Cheeseburger reef. Its called like that because its straight off shore from the downtown Burger King!   Patrick H. : Notice the new swimsuit! 😉


Plenty of friendly fish.  Many people snorkel here, so they are not afraid of humans and hope for a handout.


Here is a little video I made while we sped back to the Westin.  Considering there was a good amount of surf, I am not sure that driving & filming at the same time was the most brilliant thing to do!