December 2007

Hurrican season ended November 30th, but now a tropical storm is on the horizon and the computer models put it in our area late this week.  A tropical storm generally does not cause much damage, but drops massive amounts of rain.  That can spell trouble in many places where mud slides are a risk.  There are no rivers or mountains in Cayman, so not an issue.   Lets keep a close eye in this system


Hi everyone,

Fantastic weather here! Virtually no rain, always sunny and 28-32 degrees and not to humid. Great stuff.

On Friday, a colleague of mine was going back to Canada and had organized an afternoon of golf at the North Sound Golf club. What better way to spend the afternoon of a work day than at a golf course with friends 🙂

This is hole number 11 and if you hit the ball too far it goes right into the ocean. (My ball landed right next to the green) 🙂 Beautiful setting don’t you think?



Along the way, the “beer girl” would visit us for periodic refills on her specially equipped golf cart with drinks & snacks. On a hot & sunny day, its important to stay hydrated 🙂 Here she is opening a nice cold Corona for a member of my foursome.


On this golf course, there are quite a few water hazards. Along these hazards, there are many iguanas as the two below. They let you get quite close and are not camera shy.


This one was HUGE ; virtually the size of a cat.


On Saturday night, we went to one of the most popular beaches, Smith Cove. There was one of the annual events on the island called “GimiStory”. Its basically a story telling festival where storytellers tell stories about everything and anything. For my French speaking readers, the expression “Dans le temps de mon Grand-Père …” comes to mind.

Before the show, volounters were preparing the fritters (dough cooked in oil) and fish which was free for all attending. As you can see, Julie pitched in and lent a hand to the effort. I joined after taking the picture for those thinking I am a lazy SOB! It was great fun and we got to meet some really nice people.


Here you can see the stage ; its right on the beach only a few meters from the water.


Here is a storyteller from NY who performed a very entertaining show where he told us a story about vampires at Christmas. Some of the smaller kids were afraid. haha


Finally, today at the beach. Look at that ship!!! Its the Octopus. This yatch is the 6th largest in the world, measures 414 feet long and belongs to Paul Allen, the co-founder of Microsoft. This yatch cost over 200M$ to make. There are 2 helicopters and even a small submarine on it. For more information


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