Since last saturday, I am in Los Angeles for a client. This place is so huge ; its difficult to get a grip on the city.  You can drive for a really long time and always be in the city.

On sunday, Liam (an Irish guy from work.  Great guy!) & I went to Disney for the day.  We had a great time and went on most of the rides. It felt like being a kid again.  Along with the rides, we did something only kids do ; I can already see you all rolling your eyes … In the main rollor coaster, near the end, there are a series of flashes for pictures that are taken of passengers and you can see them after the ride.  I am sure you have all had this before.  Well, on the second time on the ride, we decided to “participate” in the picture by “giving the bird” to the camera 🙂  Liam & I chuckled and figured it would be funny to see that in the screen after the ride.  So we do our thing and run the screens as soon as the ride was over … it was  filtered.  So that means that someone actually looks at EVERY picture before they are put on the screen to make sure jokers like us dont get seen. lol

Here is a picture of our “unavailable” picture.


The rest of the week I was at the client and in the evenings shopping.  Since stuff is so expensive in Cayman, Julie gave me a list of stuff to get while I am over here; chinese noodles, sone clothes, scotch tape, etc.  Basically random stuff that we take for granted in North America but that are either not available in Cayman or at a ridiculous price.

Breaking news.  This week we got news that two of our friends will be coming to visit us & stay at our place.  On the 5th of March, Gen, Julie’s highschool friend will come for one week.  In early April, Michel, a former work colleague of mine (now working for a competitor …) will come for a little over a week.  The lucky guy will spend almost 100% of his time on the island doing an advanced diving certification and doing 2 dives a day.